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WHEN WE WERE GROWING UP............ you were often punished for using not-so-desirable language. I didn't do it on purpose, I was just obeying what I had been taught and that was to respect our elders. To me that meant emulating my role models which often included a cursing adult. Apparently my playmate across the street knew that profane language was forbibben because one night he threatened to squeal on his father for blurting out a string of profanities. I can't remember exactly what Mr. Bob said, but apparently it warranted a scolding from his 6 year son old enroute to the ice cream parlor. TUSSIN, TUSSIN TUSSIN, I'm gonna tell my mama. My father was buckled over in the front seat trying not to laugh out loud and to this day he still gets tickled when he rehashes the story.. Seems it was a pretty good manuever on my buddies part as he ended up getting two scoops and I only got one. Think that's called Bribery.
I always seemed do be in a constant state of confusions as to what exactly undesirble language really meant. One parent would say "don't you curse young man" or "that kind of language will not be tolerated under this roof " and my favorite, the ever so scary " Swearing is a sin". The ironic part was that most of the parents would add the very language I am refering to as part of their command like "you better not use that damn foul language in my house, little Missy.
I mean if that's not double standards, I don't know what is. Seriously? Wow, how things have changed.!!!!!! It seems that the non-cursers in the world have become the minority.
Here's a little interesting information

SWEARING-to utter an oath, or to promise
CURSE - is any manner of adversity thought to be inflicted by any supernatural power, such as a spell, a prayer, magic, witchcraft, a god, a natural force, or a spirit.
CUSSING or CURSING-utter obscenities or profanities
PROFANITY-has therefore come to describe a word, expression, gesture, or other social behavior which is socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or showing disrespect.

Steven Pinker's book, The Stuff of Thought, breaks profanity down into five categories

Dysphemistic Profanity – Forces listener to think about negative or provocative matter. Examples would be, well, I can't even bring myself to write them much less say them.
If you use this filth your just on all levels very disturbed.

Abusive Profanity – for abuse or intimidation or insulting of others
(Example: son of a b#$% or #$%& you.

I'm guessing the, ever so popular hand gestures, would be included in this category.

Idiomatic Profanity – swearing without really referring to the matter. using words to arouse interest, to show off, and express to peers that the setting is informal. Popular with the teen-agers and low-self esteemers.

Emphatic Swearing – to emphasize something with swearing. (Example: Did you see how big that blanking fish was?

Cathartic Profanity – A profanity used when undergoing a negative emotion (Example: Damn it, perhaps when you spill your coffee or the often used abbreviation WTF).

The more I started thinking about this topic the more I wanted to know. So being the Investigator that I am, I started Googling the words profanity, cursing, or anything that pertained to it. The sky was the limit:

Can you be arrested for profanity? You betcha. I won't dare start reciting the Laws but yes you can indeed be arrested and convicted for having a Potty Mouth. Check your local and State laws.

Did you know that sixty-four percent of Americans say the the
Think about it! Take a moment of silence and try to count 10 people off the top of your head that do not in any way, shape or form use profanities. Just try it. You will be surprised! I'm pretty sure I didn't make your list, nor did my husband, kids or anyone remotely related to me.

DAMN IT!!!!!

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