Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Little Reminiscing! Does Time Heal or Not?

March 26, 1932-October 27, 2013 

Dates are just Dates....Or are they?

Our family has never been the type to get consumed with Birthdays, Anniversaries or Holidays that insisted that we celebrate when perhaps we just didn't want to.  We are not driven by marketing ploys that insist we eat out to celebrate our love on Valentines or a chunk of jewelry that we may or may not need. 

Today is a bit different.  It marks 365 days that our family, like so many, struggled to get out of bed because the very heart of our soul was chosen to move amongst the angels.  Dorothy, Mother, Dotty, Mama or whatever you choose to call her left us this day a long, long year ago.  We are not bitter or mad and we are not unraveling at the seams each day but darn is it painful.

They say that time heals and I believe that wholeheartedly. I often thought that when one played the "Time Heals" trump is was from a loss of words or a shallowness of what in fact one goes through in tragedy.  Wisdom tells us that simply is not true.  "Time Does Heal"  It is God's way of inching you through the ups and downs of his never ending trials. It is not to be confused with forgetting, as forgetting would rob us from the experiences that made us who we are today and who we may become tomorrow.

So to our Dear Dot.  We are doing better each day.  I think!!!!  If someone asked me what I missed most I would say the laughter, the humor and the unconditional love that you splattered across this earth.  Doing wrong or making bad decisions was never a prerequisite for permanent disapproval in your heart.  It was the very thing that made you strive and love a little harder.  It is who you were and it is who I strive to be each and everyday.   You use to gut laugh at my ridiculous and unrealistic bucket list-few things have been removed since you left. Some new things will be added/deleted, but one thing remains the same. In capital letters "Being with my Dot Again" I suppose it will be deleted when the Big Man above decides to scratch it off. Until then it remains in no certain order on my Bucket list. When life throws me lemons that thought alone puts me right back on my feet to making lemonade. We miss and love you mama.   People tell me often "you have become Dorothy Junior and I reply "AMEN"!!!!!

Moon Back Dotty!

P.S-your husband is doing everything you said he would and then some. And oh my goodness he misses you in the most painful way.  Keeping us entertained daily with his jokes, obsessing, but mostly just being an awesome dad-Nothing new!!!!   And Hush Puppy-let's just say he is the perfection you already knew and he feels your arms around him each and everyday.  Just how hard does he make you laugh up there?  Stay tuned for Halloween-He is Batman on Thursday, Superman on Friday morning and Ninja Turtle Halloween Night.  You told us to spoil him!