Sunday, February 7, 2010


Food is packed, Booze is packed.  A bath and a little war paint and we're OFF. It's a familiar feeling like waiting for a Hurricane but a HAPPY HURRICANE. Wishing everyone a safe celebration and praying for our precious Sean Peyton and his boys "A Dream Come True. Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!

It's been a ride like no other. One that I honestly still can't wrap my brain around but have so enjoyed trying.  Is this really about the game of "Football" or is the "Football" just an avenue to many great things in life?   I'm guessing the answer for most is both. There are die hard football fans that live for a victory for their favorite football team and then there are those like myself that just simply enjoy all things that come along with it.

"Hope" can be found in so many forms. It Just so happens that  right now on this particular day and at this very minute my hope comes in the form of a "leather football" and a big group of men that are making great things happen.  I have to believe that our co-pilot, "you know the one they say never gives you more than you can handle" decided that a certain part of the country was due for a "little ray of light".  Our little ray of light is shining today.  Very bright I might add.  For those in other parts of this world who are bearing sadness, tragedy and hopelessness we send you strength.  The strength to "BELIEVE".  Hope will present itself when you least expect it, in the STRANGEST of ways.  A "FOOTBALL"  SERIOUSLY?

Tomorrow we will wake up "WINNERS" no matter what.    

Stay tuned for Super Bowl highlights and pics from our special day.

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