Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bucket List Removal

My Bucket List Runneth Over! 
Not getting any younger as I will be 50 in several months and sad to say that I have never been to the big city of New York.  Never really had a desire.  The older I got the less I wanted to go for many reason.  (a)  don't like crowds  (b) don't like to shop (c) no casino (d) don't like museums (e) sure not going to like paying $14.00 for a 40 ounce and (f) don't like Plays or Musicals (however I may be wrong about that and just don't realize it).  Many, Many years ago I ran the London Marathon and and forked out $100.00 for a ticket to Les Misérables.  Truly it was the most boring thing I have ever seen and I opted to leave at half-time. HALF-TIME? SERIOUSLY?  Appears with the title of  the show I should have been the star.  Am I starting to sound like white-trash?  I know that I am in the minority when it comes to my opinion of Les Misérables but I really felt that way and it truly scarred me from any future art and cultural experiences.  So with that being said I have decided not to be so hard headed and to try to take this trip open minded.  In other works I have emptied the recycle bin in my mind and and cleared the cache in my head.

Of course being the over analyzer and the micro-manager that I am our trip has already become quite comical and we haven't even started packing.  Stay tuned for my my future blogs which by the way will become more frequent so If you see me popping up in you new mail and you aren't interested. Just delete or block me. What I don't know won't hurt me.   NEW YORK IS WHERE I WOULD RATHER BE! or Green Acres.  Seriously?