Monday, August 31, 2009


I was entirely devastated this morning when I woke up and three of my soy bean crops had wilted. Not a good way to start off my day, nevertheless I re-plowed and replanted and all is good.

Guess your thinking I live on farm. Well I actually did, but it wasn't by choice and I can assure you I went kicking and screaming. Why did I move there? Simply put, my husband owned and resided on a farm prior to our marriage. You know women just want to play house and men they just want a damn farm. Never understood it, never tried and don't intend to. The first problem for me was the location. Civilization as I see it, equates to a full-fledged grocery store, a Target and and at least one nearby Taco Bell. None of which this particular acreage included. What it did include was a horse, several cows, two pigs and a goose. Roosters chickens, cats and whatever lost soul that ended up on our front porch. I came in tow with two kids and one little bundle of fur. A shaded silver doll faced Persian who had never seen the light of day much less Old McDonald's Farm.

Once my "make believe cowboy" put his boot down I knew that I had two choices. A farm or a farm. So with that being said, I put my farm face on and took to the country. Yea, It was a pretty tough bull ride and I didn't stay on long but I think my cowboy sowed his oats as we are back to the city life.

"Madisonville is where I'd rather be". Okay well maybe its not New York but it's my New york.

Funny how things work. Seems once again that the jokes on me.
You see I did something this week-end that I swore I would never do, I succumbed to Facebook's Farmville. But worse than that is the fact that I told my husband. You know the wanna be farmer whose dreams I single handedly destroyed. "What the hell is Farmville?" he says. I knew I was in for the fight of my life. The icing on the cake is when I seriously requested that he expedite our Sunday dinner out as I had some eggplant crops due for harvest. SERIOUSLY! The one dream this man has had all is his life is his desire for a big green John Deere tractor. I honestly believe in a few weeks and a few more coins his very wish will come true but only in the form of a computer icon. Yep, you can buy a big shiny tractor for about 30,000 coins.

Seems the minute you sign up on Facebook you become bombarded with all these request to join various games that are apparently affiliated with the Facebook applications.

It started with Mafia Wars but need I tell you I just didn't qualify with my ADD status. Just looking at the homepage put me into a tailspin. I will admit the name Farmville threw me. Sounded a bit juvenile but then so does being on Facebook at the ripe old age of 48, blogging and for Pete's sake, TWEETING. Somebody, please take me out of my misery!!!!!!
After a million request to accept various farm apparatus such as a chicken, a pig or even a bale of hay, I decided my best course of action would be to hit the Farmbook Hide button. SO I DID. Even after politely opting out I continued to see posting in reference to plowing and harvesting crops. Now what really caught my eye was when I started seeing Farmville's clientele. An attorney, a police officer, and an old friend I attended private school with who makes her home in New York. I really would have thought she was "Doing Lunch and hanging out in high dollar boutiques. NO MA'AM, she's farming. Night and Day! I think she's the one who gifted me a chicken and for that I will forever be thankful. So you see you should never judge a Farm by his Farmer and in my case you should never judge a Farmer by his Farm. Seems I didn't take farming to serious at first, as my land looks like a complete and udder (pardon the Pun) train wreck and that's comparatively speaking. Might explain why I only have neighbors on the east and the west. Things get around quick in Farmville!! I think I'm what you call the "FarmvilleTrailor Trash".

Now if your not a Facebooker you will most likely have no idea what I am talking about but if you are you might want to give Farmville a try. It really is great fun, it's free and like my mother say's it's healthy.

Stay tuned for some fun Real Farm stories. I may not have liked it in Green Acres but I took with me some hilarious memories.

Happy Farming

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