Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 2 of New Blog Site.....and can proudly say that I did not get the first negative comment not even from the Hooter Girls. (they must know that I’m just an old envious 48 year old). What I did get was a lot of emails and FB comments that just tickled me pink. SERIOUSLY, thank you for taking the time to read it and respond to it. Now as I previously mentioned my husband has been for sometime encouraging me to start writing. He has been anxiously awaiting the debut of my Blog site which was of course yesterday. I could not wait for his arrival home from work so I could reveal my new creation. I’m sure all of you who know Fred will agree that the man just simply does not get overly excited. In fact his resting heartbeat is about 50 and his blood pressure maintains 120/70 on a bad day. I’ll never understand how we hooked up cause you have never met two people more opposite in your life. I stood proudly grinning from ear to ear and asked “Well are you ready to see the Blog.? He replies, “Sure but what’s for dinner? In disgust I replied, "well ain’t that I fine Howdy Doody". As of 1:00 oclock this afternoon I became reknown writer from coast to coast and all you can think of is what your going to have for dinner. Trouble is, I didn’t cook dinner, I didn’t clean the house nor did I even go to the grocery store. In fact, I was under the impression that I had joined the work force as a freelance writer and we all know writers don’t do common household chores. He finally wised up and headed to the computer and believe me I was not far behind. I patiently waited at the door for his reaction which was a real weak “That’s nice”. That’s nice! That’s all I get is a "that’s nice". Now here’s the kicker! He looks straight at me, chuckles and follows it up with a Well if you’ll scoot over and make some room, I’ll do a cartwheel. "Well when you get through with your cart wheel I’m sure you will enjoy a good ole Bologna sandwhich". I’m guessing his blood sugar was kinda low cause he sure got interested after his feeding. I guess I better get to the kitchen and cook.

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: Good Luck to all the parents who will be headed to Baton Rouge tomorrow to get their soon to be college kids settled in. And if that’s not hard enough some of you parents will be going though additional agony with Greek Week. There is no way around it. It is a stressful and long week for all parties involved. Regardless of the results they all end up where their meant to be. And in the end what could be better than becoming an official TIGER!

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