Sunday, August 16, 2009

Okay, today is a real busy day for me here in Madisonville. Micro-managing a child in Baton Rouge who may have the flu and monitoring 3 Tropical storms (two that have been lurking at sea all week and one that literally popped out of nowhere.) Please just work with me here, I'm just trying to feel important. Husband has finally come to terms with my new found stardom and has taken it upon himself to do some grocery shopping this afternoon. Man I am really liking my new job. I did manage to put a ham in the oven. The packaging said fully cooked, but my mother, who incidentally micro-manages me insisted that I cook it. So I did! Apparently my parents are just as bored and un-entertained as their daughter. I mean why would anyone go to the trouble of cooking a damn ham that's already been cooked. But she said cook it, So I did. Mother Knows Best. Seriously!

Seems one of my mother's front crowns fell out yesterday and my dad thought he would play the tooth fairy and slip a $1.00 bill under her pillow after she went to bed. Either he was really bored or his scotch kicked in. Instead of her waking up this morning thinking it was funny she got pissed off because it was only a dollar. Now please, let it be known that these people are pushing 80.

I had originally planned to take her to Baton Rouge with me yesterday for the sorority hoop ha but figured it was just to hot and she would have been miserable. Thank the lord that didn't come to fruition, can you just see the mortified look on Shelby's face upon introducing her toothless grandmother to the head honcho of Chi O. She had already voiced her humiliation as to her mother's visible gray roots. Well I didn't know, I try not to look to hard in the mirror so I miss a few imperfections in the process. I'm not kidding I despise bright lights and mirrors. You know what you don't know won't hurt you. You will never see me in a dressing room at a store. That's why my purse,at all times has no less than 50 or 60 receipts. I buy something, take it home and try it, then take it right back and do it again. If I order something on line,the shipping cost is usually triple what the item cost once I get through shipping in and shipping it back out. Hence the black 12 pair of black gym shorts that I wear everyday. Just way to complicated!!!!!!

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Katie said...

I literally laughed out loud that your dad put a $1 under your mother's pillow.

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