Monday, February 21, 2011

Temper Tantrums-New York Part II

The TOP-TEN-David Letterman reasons why Fred and Melissa won't make it to New York.......

Let's revisit the previous blog about my ungoing obsessive To-Do-List........ I knew shortly after purchasing the New York Jet Blue tickets that the "Rain Man" in me would surface.  OCD at it's finest.  Had to make a file, had to make a list, had to run out and buy Frommer's New York City Guide.

Preliminary Packing 1 month before departure.
And yes every article of clothing is black.

The Top Ten:

1. Melissa is a hypochondriac
2. Mom-in-law is trying to put up permanent residence in Lakeview hospital  
3. Fred thinks that the New Orleans area will not be able to operate without him
4. Mother Nature is having enormous hot flashes and apparently lives on the East Coast
5. New Yorkers can't handle The Clampetts coming to Manhattan nor do they want to
Okay well maybe there were only 5 top ten reasons but they were big ones and our trip was looking pretty non-doable. This is where the temper tantrums started.
 I don't get out much and all I wanted to do was get one thing off my "Bucket List".  I was scheduled for my first neck injection a couple of weeks prior to leaving and was fully aware of the not so great success rate especially after one injection.  Fortunately my "I BELIEVE" instincts kicked in so I had convinced myself that I would be completely healed and ready to hit the ground running.  The procedure itself was painless as I was completely out and don't remember a thing, however what followed several days later was not so painless.  Aching, gnawing pains that led me to believe there would be  no way for me to board a plane much less play "Teddy the Tourist" in New York city. In the mist of this saga my precious mother in law was admitted to the hospital after an unexplainable black-out that included days of multiple heart test.  With good conscience I could not leave her until there was some sort of explanation.
 As departure time was drawing near I had to at the very least start entertaining the idea that this little trip may no come to fruition.  Remember, I am good at making plans but what I am not good at is kinks in my plans.

Fast Forward.....

Mom-in-law gets better and returns to the Ritz, aka the retirement center.
Now the only obstacle left is me.  After a private talk with myself I decide that enduring the neck pain would be far less difficult than dealing with the guilt and the sadness that was going to overcome me if I failed.  Decision made!  So I thought. 
Yet another winter storm prediction and we were back to the wait and see approach.  "You've Got Mail" but this time is wasn't from Kelly RipaIt was Jet Blue's version of a sympathy card.  That's where the temper tantrum comes in...... "Nothing ever works out for me".  Why can't one thing in my life go according to plan?  Typical Jones fit as my mother calls them.  My daddy has them, my bother has them and my children have them.  My mother still to this day just looks at us and laughs and a part of me thinks she and Fred really look forward to them for some twisted-like sense of humor.  Fred refers to them as "spinning".  He can see it in my eyes and he normally forwarns anyone in the vicinity to step back. In my defense, I don't have them that often and in my defense it's usually well provoked, at least in my little mind. Normally it's about something completely out of my control and 9 times out of 10 I know up front that my little seizure will prove fruitless.  Yet I keep on having them at the ripe-old- age of  50.          

Fast Forward Again...

After a short delay (2 days to be exact) we were able to move forward with our departure.  Of course my perfect flight time of 10:05 on thursday turned into a 6:00 a.m. on Saturday.  That meant a longer travel day and a more painful neck issue. SO off we go across the causeway at 4:00 a.m.  If you are one of my fellow OCD'ers you will know that arriving early to appointments, parties and the likes is mandatory.  The goods news is that the plane was basically empty and we had the entire tail-end to ourselves.  And no...don't get any bright ideas.

Ladies and Gentlemen "Welcome to New York" The skies are partly cloudy and,
well you be the judge....

Stay tuned for
Planes, Trains and a Subway that Fred said he would never take.

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