Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part I-New York and Then Some.......

For those of you (all 5) who read my little blog you may remember my last post about the "Bucket List"  A trip to New York was definitely in my bucket but pretty far down to say the least.  Seems for reasons listed below it was moved to the top of the bucket. Irony of it all-the item was finally removed but now has been re-entered.  Seems "New York" is really where I would rather be.  
Gotta go back and finish what I started. Was so hoping I disliked it.

Come to find out-I really am a City Girl.
The Ruby Red Steps in Times Square
(Yep) it was about 17 degrees out there)

A couple of months ago I was doing what I do best and doing what I like most.  Surfing on my computer. Searching for new things to learn about, keeping up with old friends and making new ones on my Face book.  As I glanced to the top of my AOL screen I noticed an ad for Jet Blue.  NEW ORLEANS TO JFK NEW YORK.  $69.00 One Way-DO THE MATH-That is $138.00 Per Person Round trip. "Sure".

After further investigation and some fine print reading, I decided to click on it, but only out of curiosity.  Before I knew it, they were asking for a credit card and all the info to go with it.  I just kept on clicking and I just kept on answering all the right question until "Voila" Fred and I were booked to New York.  Understand we had no prior conversation about this other than we just were not that interested.  What the hell did I just do?  You know that ever-so-famous movie-line "YOU'VE GOT MAIL"?  Well I did and it was in the form of a Jet Blue confirmation.  Oh dear!  Now I had to go wake my little 8:00 p.m. slumber baby up from his couch perch to deliever the news.

"Fred"  "Fred" "Fred"  Wake Up!  We're going to New York.  What the hell are you talking about?  So I explained, he laughed and started snoring again.  Started me wondering about what other things I could get away with.  Who knew that after all these years  all I had to do was tell him something bad or something expensive right after dinner when he is sleeping through one of his favorite CSI or NCIS episodes.   It's a no-brainer. 

I feared the worst-suffering from a bulging disc in my neck and heading to a place that is as fast paced as it gets.  Even worse-repeated winter storms started toying with our departure.  Thank goodness I had not scheduled any events that would have to be reconfigured.  We were truly taking this trip in a "by the seat of your pants" kinda style. Those of you who know me know that's not how I roll.  There is a plan, a plan for everything and usually it is spelled out in black and white on a piece of paper that is in my possession at all times.  I was either going to need some heavy drugs or a new lease in life to get through this journey.  We did get through it and I can honestly tell you it was one of the most memorable and delightful moments in my life.  I would like to share our fun adventure with those of you who are seriously needing something to do.  I have elected to post about our ever-so humorous trip in an episode form as that is all I know now from my new filming career in the big Apple.  Hope you jump on board and stay tuned for some fun and interesting travel stories.  And lucky for you we got snowed in for two more days.  So it's buy 5-get 2 free.  Poor you. LOL  

Stay tuned for next blog-"Temper Tantrums Get You Nowhere "

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