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Tailgating at Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium is unusual in that fans can go to the football games by boat. There can be upwards of 12,000 more people out on Lake Washington next to Husky Stadium, some of which stay on the lake the entire weekend camping out.  Right before kickoff, the UW crew team offers shuttles to anyone that wants to go to and from the boats and docks for the game

The north and south parking lots are packed with cars and tailgaters. There is currently controversy surrounding the south parking lot because the Pacific Interchange Option for expansion to the SR 520 Floating Bridge would effectively eliminate the south parking lot for tailgating.

Fans also gather at the Dempsey Indoor Facility just north of the stadium for Husky Huddles. After the game, the Tyee Sports Council and the University of Washington Athletic Department put on the 5th Quarter where fans can gather and hear analysis of the game from UW Coaches and Husky Legends, and listen to the Husky Marching Band. They can also enjoy refreshments and a raffle for prizes.

The Wave-A Interesting Little Tidbit.........

Many claim that the first audience wave originated in Husky Stadium on October 31, 1981, at the prompting of Dave Hunter(Husky band trumpet player) and Robb Weller (later Entertainment Tonight co-host, and then a television producer). Contrary to Weller's account, former Washington yell leader Tolly Allen has also claimed credit for the first wave. Weller, a Washington graduate, was the guest yell-king during the Huskies' homecoming football game against the Stanford University Cardinal (led by junior quarterback John Elway). Weller's initial concept for the wave was for it to travel vertically, from the bottom of the stands to the top, within the UW student section. Weller claimed to have done this at games when he was yell king. When that was met with limited interest, Weller then came up with the idea to move the wave from top to bottom. This failed miserably, as it was necessary to turn backward to see the wave progressing downward. Weller then gave up and returned his attention to the game. However, some fans toward the open (East) end of the stadium on the student side started yelling "sideways". Weller did not hear them, but the students tried to initiate a "sideways" wave on their own. After a few attempts, and more yelling of "sideways" by students, Weller took notice. He instructed the crowd to stand as he ran past. He moved along the track toward the open end of the stadium, explaining to the student crowd what he would do, then ran along the track toward the closed end of the stadium, in front of the student section. After a couple of tries, this caught on, and continued around the entire Husky Stadium, and was repeated throughout the rest of the game and the season.

There Longest Journey Ever:
The LSU football team left Thursday night on its longest journey in history. LSU Tigers will Reveal their New Uniforms for 2009 in Seattle

LSU's athletics department will take advantage of the football team being on TV a lot this season by adding "LSU" to the front of the 2009 football jerseys.
This will be the first time in modern school history that the name of the school will appear on the jersey. There are no other changes to the 2009 LSU football uniform.


The Tigers were expected to land at about 10 p.m. in Seattle, which is 2,031 miles from Baton Rouge. No. 11 LSU plays Washington, 0-12 last season, at 9:30 p.m. Saturday in Husky Stadium on ESPN. The team will hold a walk-through practice at the Seattle Seahawks NFL complex this afternoon and visit the Space Needle. The Tigers are staying at the Hyatt Regency in nearby Bellevue and will not return to Baton Rouge until Sunday in order to keep a normal sleeping pattern.

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